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#13667072 Feb 23, 2018 at 02:35 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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So i've made this thread for all the new people and EVERYONE else already in this guild who miss REQUIRED addons.

On VG we've had a few LUA coders over the years who updated current addons to work with the VG bossfights and functions, so im making this thread now in hope that you will ALL see it and DOWNLOAD them if you dont have them already.


Please remove any folders of the same addon you currently have before putting these in to ensure you dont get any old data to corrupt us all!


Bigwigs VG edition, first edited by Flierr and Luise, latest update by Pucchini.

Direct link: Bigwigs 19015

Additional information: Move"BigWigsVG" folder that is inside "BigWigsVG-master" into your addon folder. note: you only need this bigwigs folder, not any other folders for example "Bigwigs-naxxramas" that you might currently have beside the regular bigwigs folder.

Original thread: Bigwigs VG edition chaos forum link


KLHThreatMeter, fixes made by Pucchini.

Link to github: KLHThreatMeter 17.37

Additional information: Move the folder named "KLHThreatMeter" that is inside the folder names "KTMThreatMeter-17.36a" into your Addons folder.

Make a feint macro to make KTM reduce your threat, see here.

Orginal thread: KLHThreatMeter 17.36a


AtlasLoot WITH Chaos GP prices on items!

Direct link: AtlasLootChaosEdition.

Additional information: /AL or /Atlasloot to activate.

Original thread: Atlas with GP prices.


CThunWarner NAXX Edition.

Direct link: CthunWarner NAXX Edition

Additional information: Works on CThun and has increased range for KT fight, on these two fights its REQUIRED that ALL players use it. activate with /CTW or a promoted player in the raid can type /CTW CHECK to activate it for everyone. Includes an EXLUDE function for melees on KT fight. check Original thread below for more information.

Original thread: CThunWarner NAXX Edition


KASA, Kourtneys Awesome Spell Addon.

Direct link: KASA 1.6

Additional information: Marks YOU with a SKULL if youre standing in a voidzone, works great for invisible voidzones on 4hm and voidzones on KT.

Original thread: removed by Kourtney.... (here it is)


Additional addons not required by all classes below, but most classes should use them anyway, great additions! not fake news!


Raid Ability Tracker (RAT), by attreyu.

Direct link: RAT 1.9.6

Additional information: Same as Bigwigs, use the RAT folder INSIDE the Masters folder. This addon shows the important cooldowns for all the classes nice and easy, so that the raidleader knows for example who has shieldwall ready, how many soulstones or battleresses are ready.

Original thread: RAT on VG forums.


Thaliz, Ressurection addon, made by Mimma.

Direct link: Thaliz 1.4.2

Additional information: Thaliz is a resurrection addon, mainly for Shamans, Paladins and Priests.
When activated, it search for characters to resurrect in priority: Ressers > Casters > Melee.

Thaliz also "listens" to which targets other ressers are currently resurrecting to make raid recovery faster. And last but not least, it writes a configurable random message in Raid / Party chat when starting a res.

Note: if two people press their /thaliz macro at the exact same second, it might ress em both, so the "slowest" one should press W and click the macro again. If ALL ressers in the raid have this addon it speeds up the ressing and downtime by wipes/many deaths by ALOT. Does NOT ress released targets.

Original thread: The Thaliz Project on VG forums.


KTMod 1.6, shows easy and nice lists of Frostblasted and mindcontrolled targets during KT fight, made by atreyyu.

Direct link: KTMod 1.6

Additional information:
/ktmod list commands
/ktmod fb show/hide Frost Blast window
/ktmod cokt show/hide Chains of Kel'Thuzad window
/ktmod options options menu

After configuring the settings in the options menu, clicking the bars will either heal the player affected with Frost Blast or cast your cc spell on a player affected by Chains of Kel'Thuzad.
An icon will be shown if a mindcontrolled player has been cc'ed.

Timers and Fissure warning included. (Note: These timers aint as reliable as Current Bigwigs timers after updates to Bigwigs by Pucchini)

Original thread: Theres none that everyone can access, one thread on GGC forums and one of DP forums.



Direct link: CurseForge
Alternate link: Google Drive

Most advanced addon that will reliably (un-)equip weapon sets. Required for all melees + hunters on Kel'Thuzad.

#13469908 Honeycocaine wrote:

1. Create a macro (and not a SuperMacro btw) like this :

/script WeaponSwap("Widow's Remorse", "Blessed Qiraji Bulwark");
/script WeaponSwap("Widow's Remorse", "Harbinger of Doom");

or this

/script WeaponSwap("", "");
/script WeaponSwap("Ancient Qiraji Ripper", "Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph");

2. Put the macro in your bar, bind it and SWAP SWAP SWAP. Double hit the button to equip in combat.

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Thanks 420! I'll update Sarek's post with the correct links.

Edit: Replaced Sarek's thread with this one and edited your opening post slightly, 420. Thanks for the effort and credits!

I guess we can leave this thread open for a while until all addons are settled.
Officers will merge further posts into the OP.
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Thanks for that nice recap :)
#13667320 Feb 23, 2018 at 07:13 PM
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thanks for Update & putting all at 1 post
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