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#11564504 Sep 25, 2015 at 06:29 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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Effort Points (EP) represent your contribution to the guild. You can earn a maximum of 200 EP each week by donating to Chaosdonate.

Please make our life easier by sending your donation during the weekdays, in one go if possible ;

A few things :

  • Donations points are added on Saturday ; whenever an Officer can or is willing to do so, usually around 10am - 2pm ST ;
  • Donations sent on Saturday will most likely not be added on Saturday ; once the donations have been added, in all likeliness no Officer is going to log chaosdonate again that same day ;
  • Late donations may be accepted Saturday, and only Saturday, at the discretion of the Officer - but we may refuse it. Please send your donation in due time ;
  • We may send back donations that exceed 200 EP or are sent to the wrong banks - but we may not. Pay attention to what you're doing.

Donation List - send only these items!

20 EP
1 x Righteous Orb
10 x Blackmouth Oil
20 x Blackmouth

30 EP
1 x Dark Iron Bar
10 x Dark Iron Ores
1 x Living Essence
1 x Arcanite Bar
10 x Stonescale Oils/Eels
20 x Firebloom
10 x Volatile Rum
5 x Greater Eternal Essence

40 EP
5 x Free action potion
5 x Large Brilliant Shards
1 x Mooncloth

50 EP
5 x Chimaerok Tenderloin
20 x Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

60 EP
1 x Cured Rugged Hide
10 x Rumsey Rum Black Label
1 x Flask of Titans
1 x Flask of Supreme Power
1 x Flask of Distilled Wisdom

Update 4th of May 2019
Flasks now 60 EP
GEE now 30 EP
LBS added to 40 EP
#13839242 Aug 18, 2018 at 08:59 PM
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AH prices don't necessarily reflect what the guild banks needs or how much an item is common (thus more people likely to have extras and donate them).

In a way we try to follow ep/gold ratio from AH but AH fluctuates too much for it to be really accurate (+ it takes a lot of time if you want it to be accurate) and anyway the most important part of a pricing is how much the banks need it.

In a perfect world all the ep/gold ratio would be equal and the Officers would then sell extra/buy what we need but both of those is extra work that not everyone want to invest time for so as a guideline we try to keep ep/gold meaningful while getting what we need.
#14104191 May 04, 2019 at 09:47 AM
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Update 4th of May 2019
Flasks now 60 EP
GEE now 30 EP
LBS added to 40 EP
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