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Guild Rules

1. Effort Points System (EP/GP)

1.1 Generally: Effort Points tell how much effort one has put into the guild. Gear Points tell how much loot one has received from the guild. Points are personal to each player - nobody can receive points on your behalf, and points you receive are not transferable to any other person.

1.2 Effort Points (EP): earned during Raids, or for deeds that help the guild (e.g., donations to Guild Bank).

1.3 Gear Points (GP): assigned during Raids to anyone receiving loot, according to the GP schedule spreadsheet.

1.4 Ratio: A player's Ratio is their Effort Points divided by their Gear Points. (Ratio = EP/GP)

1.5 Initial Values: Every player starts with 0 EP and 100 GP.

1.6 Decay: Each player’s balance of earned Effort Points and Gear Points decays by 15% every Friday night.

2. Loot Rules

2.1 Generally: The winner of an item is the person of the highest Priority and Ratio. Each item is classified as either Healing, Caster DPS, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tank, or No-spec. Items can have more than one spec classification.

2.2. Priorities: A player's Priority is determined by their Rank and Spec, from highest to lowest, in the following order:

1. Warriors & Champions, Main Spec
2. Champions, Off Spec
3. Initiates, Main Spec
4. Warriors, Off Spec
5. Initiates, Off Spec
6. Champion Alts
7. Alts

2.3 Special cases

2.3.1 Warriors have priority over Initiates on loot on their main spec, so long as they maintain at least 1000 EP;
2.3.2 Champions get +5 to their ordinary Ratio, so long as they maintain 4000 EP;
2.3.3 Champions get the ability to win off-spec items over Champions and Warriors when their ratio is at least twice the ratio of any other player wanting the item for main-spec. This rule can only be used if the item has dropped at least twice.
2.3.5 Champions pay 50% of the GP cost when taking an item for their off-spec, except if they take the item over a Champion's or a Warrior's main spec.
2.3.6 Warriors and Initiates pay 50% of the GP cost when taking an item for their off-spec.
2.3.7 Vanity items always cost 50% of the normal GP price.

2.4 Ninja Looting: Please do not loot anything unless told. This includes loot from trash-mobs.

A player who accidentally loots without permission gets charged double the ordinary item GP.

A player who intentionally loots without permission gets guild kicked.

2.5 No-spec Items: These items are “main spec” for everyone who can equip them, regardless. (e.g., boss heads, pvp items)

2.6 Vanity Loot: Players can take Items with no practical use, but only if nobody else wants them for main or off spec.

2.7 Alt Loot:

2.7.1 Whenever a player is not playing on their main character during a raid, they are considered an Alt.
2.7.2 Between alts from the same rank, loot is decided by /roll.
2.7.3 In AQ20, ZG, Molten Core & Onyxia, loot is free.
2.7.4 In BWL, AQ40 and Naxx, loot always costs 50% of the item's full GP price.

2.8 Unwanted Loot: if no players are rolling on an item, the Raid Leader may decide to force a player to accept the item if the item is a clear upgrade for that player. An item is a clear upgrade when all online officers agree. Else, the item is disenchanted or destroyed.

2.8.1 Head of Onyxia can be acquired for free for mages, priests, warlocks and champion shamans and druids if no one else, including alts, wants it.

2.8.2 Head of Nefarian can be acquired for free for champion mages, priests, warlocks, shamans, druids and hunters if no one else, including alts, wants it.

2.8.3 Heart of Hakkar can be acquired for free for hunters, rogues and warriors if no one else, including alts, wants it.

2.9 Legendaries and Rare Recipes: The general loot rules referred to in Rule 2.1 do not apply to Legendaries and Rare Recipes. Instead, they are awarded first according to the below priority recipients. If none of the priority recipients are online and present, the items are then awarded by a Loot Council composed of the online Officers.

2.9.1 Garr binding:
2.9.2 Geddon Binding:
2.9.3 Eye of Sulfuras: Shaitan
2.9.4 Splinter of Atiesh: 1. Paqman 2. Umek 3. Iamlocked
2.9.5 Enchanting:
2.9.6 Tailoring:
2.9.7 Leatherworking:
2.9.8 Blacksmithing:
2.9.9 Alchemy:
2.9.10 Engineering:

2.10 Atiesh fee : Anyone willing to complete the staff must pay a 200 GP fee, paid upon the first splinter looted or upon joining the guild if no more splinter(s) is to be acquired ;

2.11 Rerolls: Players may permanently change their Main Character or Main Spec by posting their Request to the Forums and obtaining the approval of 3 Officers. The person is charged -500 EP, +50% of his current GP and cannot be promoted to Champion until two weeks have passed.

2.12 Chaos Pugs Loots Rules
2.12.1 Reserve list will be decided by the officers prior to the start of the raid.
2.12.2 Reserved items will be distributed using the classic EP/GP system.
2.12.3 Non-reserved will be rolled : if a Chaos member wins the roll, the classic EP/GP system will be used to distribute the item.

3. Earning EP

3.1 Scheduled Raids (Saturdays from 20ST to 00ST - Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1900 ST to 2300 ST)

3.1.1 Starting EP : 30 points, at the beginning of the raid.
3.1.2 30 points every 30 minutes.
3.1.3 Ending EP : 50 points, at 2300 ST

3.2 Non-scheduled Raids (any raid outside of those mentionned in 3.1)

3.2.2 25 points every 30 minutes, from the beginning of the raid until it ends.

3.3 Reserves: Players can earn 100% of the raid EP by sitting on the Reserves when the raid is full: those twice unresponsive to a check-in are removed from the list and lose all pending EP. Players on the Reserves do not earn bonus EP except for Overtime.

3.4 Bonus EP:
3.4.1 Reward: At Officer’s discretion up to 50 EP per raid can be added to each person per raid.
3.4.2 Overtime: 2 for every minute past 23:00 we raid, on scheduled raids. 1 hour maximum.
3.4.3 Flask Check : 50 points for all those flasked at the time of the check, up to twice per raid. Only valid in BWL, AQ40 & Naxxramas.
3.4.4 Attendance EP: When the raid is less than 40 in BWL or AQ40, 1 point per missing person, whenever a boss is killed. 2 points in Naxx.
3.4.5 Reward, Overtime and Attendance EP cannot occur outside of the raids mentionned in 3.1

3.5 Donations to Guild Bank

3.5.1 Generally: players can donate to the Guild Bank and earn up to 200 EP per week.
3.5.2 Procedure: all donations should be sent by mail to Chaosdonate.
3.5.3 Donation List: prescribes which items are accepted and the EP rewards.
3.5.4 Updates: any Officer can change the Donation List whenever they wish.

4. Ranks

4.1 Alts: These are Alternate characters of main players. They may be brought to ZG, AQ20, Molten Core & Onyxia, unless the Raid Leader objects.

4.2 Champion's Alts are alternate characters for Champions. They may be brought to BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas, upon Raid Leader's approval.

4.2.1 A Champion may get one Alt promoted to Champion's Alt if: The Alt meets the,, and Warrior requirements The Alt meets the,, and Champion requirements Apply on the forum posting in the Champion & Champion's Alt Applications sub-forum and providing a screenshot of his current UI. In order to get promoted, the applicant must obtain the majority of the votes casted by the 7 officers.

4.2.2 A Champion may bring his alt to BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas subject to the Raid Leader's approval
4.2.3 Demotion : A Champion who falls below 6000 EP gets his Champion Alt demoted to Alt.
4.2.4 Changing Champion's Alt : a Champion cannot change his Champion alt within 4 months of its promotion, unless rerolling his Champion Alt to main.

4.3 Initiates: the default rank for those who apply to <Chaos> and are accepted.

4.3.1 Trial Period: The Initiates will face a Trial lasting up to four weeks. After two weeks any Officer can decide that the Initiate has passed and can pursue Warrior and Champion rank in the guild. A final decision has to be made at the latest when the Initiate has been on Trial for four weeks.

4.3.2 Forum Thread: A private forum thread is started. Any Warrior may comment about the Initiate. The thread is deleted at the end of the Trial Period if the Trial passes and is kept if the Trial fails.

4.3.3 Guild Removal: During the Trial, any Officer may decide that the Initiate has failed the Trial Period and remove the Initiate from the guild.

4.4 Warriors: the first promotion.

4.4.1 Promotion: Players who meet the following requirements shall be promoted to Warrior accumulate a minimum of 2000 Effort Points; complete all Raid Attunements - MC, Onyxia, BWL, and Naxx; have an appropriate item for every slot (including ranged weapon), and an appropriate enchant, including leg/helm (ranged weapon and shoulders enchant not needed); have 180 Nature Resistance if melee, or 150 if not; have 300 skill in First Aid

4.4.2 Warriors get invited to the raid before Initiates.

4.4.3 Demotion: a Warrior who falls below 1500 EP will be demoted to Initiate.

4.5 Champions: the second promotion.

4.5.1 Promotion: To become a Champion, a Warrior must: be a Warrior; reach exalted with Zandalar and obtain the ZG shoulder enchantment; obtain the frost weapons referred to in rule 4.5.3; accumulate at least 4000 Effort Points; have all his NR gear suitably enchanted; have Hide of the Wild or a better item if you are a healer; have the appropriate frost resistance pieces, enchanted, following this this thread; have a pair of Goblin Rocket Boots; : apply on the forum posting in the Champion & Champion's Alt Applications sub-forum and providing a screenshot of his current UI. In order to get promoted, the applicant must obtain the majority of the votes casted by the 7 officers and the Class Captains.

4.5.2 Champions get: all the rights of Warriors; invited to the raid over Warriors; the right to reject an applicant to the guild, unless overruled by 3 Officers;

4.5.3 Class specific frost weapons Hunter, Rogue, Warrior: 2x cold rage daggers with Icy enchant Warlock, Priest: Frost wand

4.5.4 Demotion: A Champion who falls below 3000 EP will be demoted to Warrior.

4.6 Captains

4.6.1 Captains are not a "Rank," but Captains are designated by a majority of the Officers to help manage their class during raids, and act as a source of class-based knowledge outside of raids.

4.6.2 Captains have the authority to manage buff assignments, direct player raid specs, swap players to and from the reserves and issue any reasonable raid-related instructions to members of their class or role, subject to the Raid Leader's instructions.

4.6.3 Captains can give up to -50 EP per raid as a penalty when players fail to follow raid-related instructions.

4.6.4. Captains do not have any authority outside of scheduled raids.

5. Guild Bank

5.1 Generally: everything from raids that is not distributed through EPGP is the property of Chaosbank. Lieutenants are trustees for Chaosbank and must never co-mingle their personal assets with those of Chaosbank.

5.2 Distributions:

5.2.1 Players MAY, at a lieutenant's discretion, receive from the guild bank: Gold, to repay the cost of raid-related respecs; Onyxia Scale Cloaks, for Warriors who don’t have one; Fiery Cores, Lava Cores, and Core Leather for Warriors’ crafting; Ordinary tradegoods, for crafting; Elementium Ore, for those who have Regalia or both Bindings; Sulfuron Ingots, for those who have the Eye of Sulfuras; AQ20 class skill books, for Warriors who need to learn them; Enchanting materials, for players’ reasonable enchanting; Crafting recipes, for Warriors who wish to learn them; AQ Idols and Scarabs, for those who have the quest items; Wartorn scraps, for those who have T3 quest items; Hides, Arcanite, and Mooncloth, for those who have T3 quest items; Assorted Bind-on-equip loot.

5.3 Flask Service: players can receive flasks by:

5.3.1 writing a mail to Chaosflask containing the appropriate materials;
5.3.2 paying 5g per flask once the flasks arrive via C.O.D.

6. Civil Code

6.1 Do:

6.1.1 make necessary preparations for raids;
6.1.2 follow to the Raid Leader’s instructions;
6.1.3 treat other guilders with respect.

6.2 Don’t:

6.2.1 behave rudely or inappropriately; or
6.2.2 use racist/sexist speech; or
6.2.3 complain about loot outcomes before the raid has ended.

6.3 Punishments: Civil Code violations may, at a Lieutenant’s discretion, result in -EP, demotion, or guild removal.
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