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1. Changes to Guild Rules

1.1 Generally: Officers vote on Proposals for changes to the Guild Rules on the Forums.
1.2 Notice: No surprise proposals. Only Proposals posted to the forums 24 hours prior can be voted.
1.3 Eligibility: Any Warrior can submit a Proposal for consideration.
1.4 Changes to Guild Rules: A successful Proposal receives 4 Officer votes, or 5 if Guild Master voted No.
1.5 Changes to Bylaws: A successful Proposal must receive all 7 Officer votes.

2. Officers

2.1 Number of Officers: the guild is led by 7 Officers - the Warlord and his 6 Lieutenants.

2.2 Selection:
2.2.1 Generally: Officers are selected during an Election or pursuant to 2.2.2
2.2.2 Appointment: If an Officer resigns pursuant to 2.6.2, the Warlord may nominate an interim officer. A nominee who receives 4 Officer votes is confirmed to serve as interim officer until the next election.

2.3 Timing of Elections: Officer Elections are held:
2.3.1 at least once every 3 months; or
2.3.2 whenever the Warlord declares it ; or
2.3.3 whenever 4 Lieutenants request it.

2.4 Procedure for Elections
2.4.1 Duration: elections begin immediately and are 5 day polls.
2.4.2 Eligibility: any Warrior can submit their name as a candidate during the polling period.
2.4.3 Results: at the end of the poll, the 7 players with the most votes become the Officers.

2.5 Selection of Warlord:
2.5.1 At the end of the Election, the Officer with the most votes has an opportunity to become Warlord if he can obtain support from 3 other officers. Otherwise, the opportunity passes to the Officer with the 2nd most votes, etc.
2.5.2 Once selected, the old Warlord immediately passes leadership to the new.

2.6 Removal of Officers

2.6.1 An Officer who is not among the top 7 vote recipients after an Election is immediately demoted.
2.6.2 A Lieutenant may resign voluntarily, with immediate effect, by posting a resignation to the forums.
2.6.3 Emergency Demotion: The Warlord can temporarily demote a Lieutenant in an emergency, for a maximum of 72 hours. During this time, all of the Lieutenant's powers are suspended except the immunity to punishment pursuant to 3.3. Unless a 2.6.4 vote is initiated, the Lieutenant's rank and powers are restored after the expiration of this period.
2.6.4 Vote of No-Confidence: When 4 Officers want a Lieutenant demoted, that Lieutenant must stand for an up-or-down poll on the forums lasting 5 days. If a majority of respondents vote to remove that Lieutenant, then the Officer is considered to have resigned pursuant to 2.6.2.

3. Powers

Warlord and Lieutenants have equal powers. All Officers can:
3.1 vote on Proposals for changes to the Guild Rules on the forums;
3.2 hand out EP, GP, or promotions according to the Guild Rules;
3.3 administer punishment to non-officers according to the Guild Rules
3.4. approve and invite applicants to join the Guild, no sooner than 24 hours after applying
3.5. reject any applicant to the Guild
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